Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Usual Suspects

We have had a series of attacks on yarn in my house over the past few weeks. Up until now my yarn has been able to rest in peace in a number of baskets through out my family room. For about the last three weeks that has all changed. It started with the wonderful angora that I bought to make a pair of booties for a girlfriends baby. Knowing that the smell of bunnies might by tempting to my feline friends, I put this in a wicker drawered cabinet I keep some of my knitting supplies in. The next morning I found pieces of angora all over the house. The "suspect" had to work her paw through the opening on the draw and pull it open to get to the angora...Every night since I have found at least one ball of yarn that had been "stalked" and "attacked" in various areas of the house.

Here are the Usual Supects:

Oliver: Male, orange tabby, 9 years old, sweet but not too bight.

Ophelia: Female, Black Siamese Mix, 9 years old, opinionated and scrappy, way too smart for her own good. (See that look in her eye!)

I had my guess but this morning I caught her in the act! Ophelia was about to "kill" the hank of yarn I had handspun the day before!

Unfortnuatly Ophelia doesn't feel she needs to follow our rules and I don't suspect the warning I gave her will do any good at all. I have tried a ton of things to keep her out of the yarn. I am presently looking for some type of inexpensive container with a lid that is fairly attractive (remember this sits in my family room) that will protect my yarn from Ophelia, the serial yarn killer.


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