Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vicki Homeschools Too!

I think I have mentioned before that I homeschool my three children (well I guess my oldest two children as the baby is only 2) Since we have started homeschooling last year, we have done all of our work in the kitchen and family room. I have never liked this. It meant science experiements littering my kitchen counters, workbooks, books and other school supplies all in plain view from anywhere in the main living areas of the house and no easy way to store them. We did all of our schooling downstairs because the baby would be napping while we did school. (This made life very easy.) Just around the New Year, Carson decided he no longer needs his nap (I disagree, but I digress.) So now he is up and we can use the upstairs for school. So the kids and I worked in my upstairs office to make it a school room.

We are all thrilled with our new space. The school mess is stored behind a closed door. The kids love spending time in their new school room. The only downside is that I now share my office with three children. But hey you can't have everything.


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