Friday, March 03, 2006

The Amy Project

I usually say I am a self taught knitter, but that is not entirely true. I was able to complete my first couple projects with a lot of help from Amy Finlay, who has created an amazing with website,KnittingHelp, with tons of fabulous "how-to" videos that were priceless to me in the beginning. For the last few months many of the talented knitters that Amy has "taught" have been secretly planning and organizing a gift of love to thank her. We each made an afghan square that was collected and stitched into queen sized afghan.

This is the square I created. We had so many squares given by so many knitters that we had left overs to make pillows. My square was used in one of the three pillows that was made for her.

All of the squares were collected in Chicago and then seamed together. Dotmom offered up her house for a seaming party and a number of us got together and spent the day buried in afghan squares and yummy food!

The finished afghan was just about the prettiest one I have seen. And huge! This is Amy standing on her sofa to get the entire afghan in the picture!

Thank you, Amy!!!


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