Monday, April 17, 2006

Catching up...

Illnesses and traveling have kept blogging and knitting at a minimum lately. I am currently without voice so my blog basically is just about my ONLY means of communicating! So while the kids run amock in the house, I figured I would blog abit....after all I can't yell at 'em!

Inspite our illnesses (yes, the whole family has been sick on and off over the last couple weeks), plenty has been going on at our house. I got a much needed break from the house and all the responsibilities that go with it! I went away for the weekend with girlfriends to the APACHE Homeschool Convention! We had a great time and best of all I just about finished my shopping for next year! I came home just in time for Nathan to lose his first tooth. This has been way too long in coming as far as Nathan was concerned! He begged me to take a picture to document this event!

We did manage to get our eggs colored but just in the nick of time! Notice the bags under my eyes? I had been sick all weekend at this point and the kids were so upset that we hadn't colored eggs yet. Being the dedicated mother that I am I ran to the store Saturday night and we finished our egg decorating at 9:30 pm! I was definatly ready for bed at this point! (Oh and please don't notice the cluttered kitchen. Remember I am sick!)
Our Easter was great! I finally felt better...however it was my first day without a voice. (Nathan decided he was too cool for family pictures...I guess he is just too grown up now that he has lost a tooth and all!)
Oh Yeah....and Madison....Notice something different....Her hair! I came down the stairs a couple weeks ago after having had a night out with some girlfriends. My husband asks me to go look in the bathroom before my daughter woke up. She had cut her hair! There was so much blond hair on the floor I was scared to death there wouldn't be any on her head! I was pretty close to right! She had taken some parts to the scalp!


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