Monday, May 08, 2006

Spinning and Secret Pals

I finially finished spinning up the huge bag of corriedale roving that I got with my wheel forever ago. I definately need to find more time for spinning, but between homeschooling, my job at church, running the house and knitting....well, you get the picture. Speaking of pictures, here are all the hanks I managed to spin up!

Over all not too bad. Still a bit uneven in places and I am still tending to overspin in some places and lots of slubs. But hopefully that will improve. Now I need to dye it up. I have a bunch of koolaid packets that I think I will try to use to dye it. Then to figure out what to make from it. Since it is so uneven maybe I will use it for a felting project!

My next fiber to try is a bag of Lincoln/Silk I got from The Fold in Marengo when we picked up my wheel.

Changing the topic... Secret Pal 8 is finally underway. I am so excited about this you would think I was an 8 year old at Christmas! About a week ago I got an email from my secret pal who managed to beg her match early! And yesterday, I receieved my match...who I promptly sent an email out! Fun stuff!!!


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Thanks for the link! i hope I get some free blogger blends too...I love coffee ;)

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