Tuesday, June 13, 2006

An Afternoon of Alpacas

A couple weekends ago my husband, kids and I met up with Julie and her daugher as well as Kelly from the KnittingHelp Forums and her neice to visit an alpaca farm by her house. Julie had the lucky timing to find this little farm just minutes after the birth of a new baby alpaca. Susan, the owner, was very welcoming and agreed to allow us to bring our children for a visit. I can believe how beautiful these animal are. They have the friendlies faces and make the sweetest little humming sound. Most of them had been recently shorn. You could still see the lines the shears had made.
See that adorable little brown girl. She was the new baby born just a week before our visit. She is so pretty.
Look at her. Isn't she cute? And mama was so attentive. She was always right by baby. But even she was friendly. I would have imagined her taking baby off away from us but she stayed up close.
The kids just loved them. (Well until the found the hammock in the back yard...) Since I have never spun alpaca, I had to ask Susan what she does with the fleece. She had boxes of their freshly shorn fleeces she was kind enough to show me. She is having them sent out the be prepared and is planning on holding a fiber workshop at her house in a month or so! I can't wait!
**Kelly, if these pictures look familiar, its because you took them. I kinda borrowed them.......Isn't Kelly a great photographer?**


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