Monday, June 12, 2006

Kool-Aid and Kids.

Remember my first handspun hanks that I posted about a little while back? Well I decided to try and use kool-aid to dye them. I used two shades of pink and a lime green (I think pink lemonade and lime but I can't remember the third.) Here are the hanks in their bath after microwaving them.

My favorite helpers (minus one who thought video games were a better way to occupy his time...Silly Boy!) They had a great time and want more yarn to dye up.

Please pay no attention to the mess in the sink...

I have them wound up into balls but haven't taken a picture yet...Will give you something to anticipate. (I'm sure you are all on the end of your seats now!) The yarn is pretty scratchy and would not be a good choice for a garment so I am thinking of using it for a felted bag to be given as a gift to the young lady who babysits for us. I'll take more pictures as I get a bit of it knitted up.


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