Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Countdown

The kids love counting down to Christmas so this year we found a cute idea for an advent calender at Whip Up and decided to make one. Now the kids have enjoyed keeping track of the days until Christmas.

The only problem is now that I look at this countdown calendar I realize how far behind I am. Today is my last day of crafting and shopping. I have no idea if I am going to get it all done! Top that off with the fact that I am hosting Christmas for my family! Yikes.

I have managed to get some gifts finished...

I made Fetching for my mom who is always complaining of cold hands. Funny thing is last Christmas I was making her a pair of wristwarmers. Well she saw a pattern in one of my books for these and declared how rediculous they were and how she would never wear a pair! Obviously I didn't give her the warmers. Some how she found out I was planning them for her and we kind of had a laugh over it. This year she was diagnosed with scleroderma and her doctor told her she need to buy some fingerless gloves to wear in the house to keep her hands warm! She came back to me laughing and apologizing for being wrong. So it was easy to figure out what to make her this year. And it was a fun, easy, quick knit make with some Cascade 220 from my stash.

Some of my gifts haven't turned out quite as well.

A co-worker and I always meet at Starbucks. She once said that if she had to stop working for the Church or in her field (Social work) she would work at Starbucks. So I picked her up a Starbucks gift card and made her the Coffee Cuff from Knitpicks. It looked pretty good. A little wonky but not too bad. I figured the wonkiness would come out in the felting. It actually got MORE wonky. The top and bottom were very loose and the middle too tight to fit on the cup. Now without time to fix the problem, I gave it too her anyways, making a joke that it was the work and love that went into the gift rather than the gift itself. We then wet the wool and are trying to block it and stretch it back into a decent shape. If we can't make it work I promised her a new one. As wonky as it turned out she is loving the idea of it. And of course the gift card always works.

And then there are the gifts yet to be completed. The ones that mean I shouldn't really be blogging but rather sewing!

This is another Amy Butler pattern from her Institches book. It is a bedside caddy. My brother and sister in law have a small bedroom that they share with their new baby. There isn't enough room for nightstands so I was hoping this might be a solution. So far it looks pretty good. Now if I can only finish it on time!

Hope you are all finished with all your holiday crafting, shopping and other preparations. Have a wonderful Christmas!


Anonymous lindiepindie said...

I'd love to see a finished picture of the bedside caddy. It sounds like the perfect gift for your brother and SIL. I have AB's book, but haven't made anything out of it yet. Your apron looks great as well. The cup warmer is such a good idea as well - it's so nice to be able to make the perfect gifts for your friends, isn't it? Now if I had just planned a bit better... :o)

10:28 AM  

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