Friday, December 08, 2006

I know you might not believe this but....

I have actually been knitting. Really. I have...Just look! I picked up this little skein of Malabrigo to make a scarf to go with my new black wool coat. The Scrunchable Scarf seemed to be the perfect scarf for this yarn. I am going to absolutely love this scarf. It is so soft.

I also started a gift for a co-worker. We always have our meetings at a local coffee shop and thought she might appreciate a felted coffee cuff and a gift certificate for some coffee (or in her case...tea.) This is my first fair isle pattern and I am pretty pleased how it is turning out. I have some parts that are a little tighter than others but I am hoping that this uneveness will work out in the felting. Hopefully I will finish it this weekend and throw it in the wash.

In addition to knitting, I have also done a little Christmas gift sewing. I found a tutorial for a patchwork craft apron. I thought the kids would love these so I figured out how to scale down the pattern for little people and picked out some fabric I thought they would like. I was surprised at how easy they were even for such a novice like myself. I did make one change. Instead of sewing the ties, I just used grosgrain ribbon. Lazy, I know but hey Christmas is upon us. Carson's is the spiderman and Nathan's is the army camouflage. I still need to sew one up for Madison. I just have way too many cute girly prints to choose from. I'll get to that over the weekend. Maybe I'll even stitch one up for myself!


Anonymous Amber said...

The Malabrigo scarf is looking lovely. The scrunchable has totally become my favorite scarf pattern and I think it is fantastic in Mmmmmmmmmm.

What a thoughtful gift idea for your co-worker. I bet she'll love it!

And those aprons are absolutely adorable!! My ds would love something like that -- too bad my sewing machine is packed away. One of these days I'll get it out again... *sigh*

8:05 PM  
Blogger Mary Lynn said...

The felting of the coffee hugger will take out unevenness. What a great gift.

I also really like your tree and mantle. We have yet to decorate.

6:13 AM  

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