Monday, November 13, 2006

Secret pal and swaps

The mailman has been busy bring fabulous packages to my house. (I would have shown you these earlier but blogger has been giving me fits. Bad Blogger!) Any ways check out these fabulous swaps I have gotten this last week!
First one is from my Secret Pal. She did such a great job! It is definately a terrific package. Just look at how she packaged everything. It was so pretty right out of the box! Everything came either wrapped in pretty tissue paper or in this fabulous little autumn tote bag. (Just perfect for a pair of socks on the go.)
Even before I took these pretty packages out of the box, I noticed this fabulous smell. A wonderful baked apple scented envelope made the package smelled delicious! She also included two skeins of pretty autumn red sock yarn, autumn leaves magnets, fall stickers, a pretty little pillow, and yummy chocolate that lasted all of about two seconds after this picture was taken. Pal you made some wonderful choices. Thank you so much!
The next two packages I received are both from my Stitch Marker Exchange partners.
The first is from Linda S. She made the prettiest blue stitch markers. One had an elastic loop that can be used to hold the needles together when not is use. More yummy chocolate! Stickers, a magnetic notepad and wonderful bath salts and lotion.
And from Linda K. sent a completely homemade package: a set of 7 beautiful green beaded stitch markers, a knitting charm, a wonderful decoupaged journal, a cute little pin with a vintage looking picture of a little boy on it and a great hank of handspun yarn! I LOVE handspun. She also had a note card that she created that somehow did not make it into the picture but you will have to trust that it as fabulous as the other hand-created projects she sent. She is definately a terrific artist. Thank you, Linda!
Thank you all for such wonderful gifts. I feel so very lucky!


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