Monday, October 16, 2006

Sock Wars: The Evidence

Well I realized in looking through my recent posts that somehow I have neglected to report on the outcome of sock wars (at least from my point of view.) Well if you remember my last sock wars post, I was resigned to my demise. But I decided that I ought to at least try to take someone out with me! So Monday morning, I ran to Fringe and picked up two balls of a yummy soft cashmere/merino blend and started knitting. I was surprised at how quickly the pattern went in a DK weight yarn. By Wednesday, I had these socks finished, photographed, packaged.
Wednesday afternoon, I dropped these socks off at the post office and returned to find a package with these socks inside.

So I managed to get off a fatal shot just in the knick of time. I love the colorway. This was such a fun game. I am glad I decided to make a go of it.


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