Sunday, October 21, 2007

So I promised something crafty....

Over the summer Madison, decided she needed a purse and a wallet. Her brother had been carrying a wallet from some time and she felt left out when we went shopping. (Never mind that neither of their wallets contain anything which could be used to purchase anything....) Anyways, Madison and I dove into my scrap basket and I created this little purse/tote.
Making the wallet was a bit harder. I searched the internet but couldn't find any patterns for wallets that can carry change. After all she is six. She is more likely to have pennies than paper money or cards. So after about three trys and errors I came up with this little wallet.

The pink bumble bee pattern is a velcro pocket for coins. She can hold two gift cards and there is even a pocket that runs the length of the wallet for paper money. She was thrilled!

See I told you, she was happy! Now she can shop with mommy! Of course, the littlest member of the family then felt left out so Mommy had to whip up a spiderman wallet for him as well.



Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

very cute purse! i like the spider man fabric too ;)

7:01 AM  

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