Sunday, February 26, 2006

Knitting Olympics Sweater is DONE!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

So Close...

I was hoping to have been able to say that I had finished the sweater with only the seaming to do. But that is not the case. I am half way through the second sleeve. After finishing the sleeve I still need to block it, seem it, and lastly knit the hood. Since this is for the Knitting Olympics I need to get this done by Sunday. Earlier this week I didn't think I would finish...but I am now seeing the light at the end of this tunnel. I am looking forward to not only finishing my first ever sweater...but seeing if it actually fits my daughter!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vicki Homeschools Too!

I think I have mentioned before that I homeschool my three children (well I guess my oldest two children as the baby is only 2) Since we have started homeschooling last year, we have done all of our work in the kitchen and family room. I have never liked this. It meant science experiements littering my kitchen counters, workbooks, books and other school supplies all in plain view from anywhere in the main living areas of the house and no easy way to store them. We did all of our schooling downstairs because the baby would be napping while we did school. (This made life very easy.) Just around the New Year, Carson decided he no longer needs his nap (I disagree, but I digress.) So now he is up and we can use the upstairs for school. So the kids and I worked in my upstairs office to make it a school room.

We are all thrilled with our new space. The school mess is stored behind a closed door. The kids love spending time in their new school room. The only downside is that I now share my office with three children. But hey you can't have everything.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I just got a new book!!!

I have realized lately thatt aside from a pair of socks and slippers I have never knit anything for the men in my life. I am forever making pretty scarves and ponchos and the like for my daughter. So I saw this book while I was in the library the other day and checked it out. I absolutely loved the sweaters in this book and would love to see my husband and sons in all of them! (Oh to find the time.) Anyways I handed the book to my husband to ask him if he would like me to make one for him. He shrugged and didn't really look at it. After asking a few times he finally looked at it. Occasionally he would lean over and say "You can make that?" And I would just smile and nod. When he finished he handed me the book and said "You may want to get that book!" So I did! Here are two of my favorites from the book. This one I would LOVE to make for my both my little boys. (There is also a pattern for an adult but my husband won't wear a vest....(Silly boy.)

This is by far my favorite (today at least) for my husband.

So many little time.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Knitting Olympics Sweater

Wow it has been a while since I have posted! I was having some major computer issues. It had to be repaired twice...hopefully we will be set from here on out!

Now for my progress on Madison's Sweater for the Knitting Olympics.

I have finished the front of my first ever sweater and my first ever Intarsia project. I definately learned some things about intarsia do's and don'ts in doing this project. I tried carrying the main color yarn and that definatly was not the best choice. It still looks ok...but it would have looked better if I hadn't. Madison loves it which is what counts.

I am half way through one sleeve. Don't know if this one is going to be done by the end of the Olympics or not. I am sure glad I choose a child'd sweater!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Trekking Sock

I don't think I will ever finish this sock. I thought it would be fun to knit this sock with size 0 needles. I have no idea why...but it just seemed like fun at the time. Maybe I will finish by next winter.....