Monday, September 25, 2006

Never Say Die

Sock Wars Started Friday. I know for most this would be the best time to engage in sock warfare. The whole weekend ahead of them. However this stay at home warrior is busier on the weekends than most. I was barely home this weekend at all. And the little time I was at home was mostly spent sleeping! So last night I discovered that I had a little time to knit. So I dived into my arsenal (stash) only to discover that I not only didn't have the right ammunition (DK weight yarn) but my not to appropriate weapon (US size 4 needles....I have US3 and US5...but not US4.) So I am psyching myself up for a run to the LYS, when I receive an email from my assassin....The bomb (socks) has been launched!!!! So thus ends my brief time as a Sock Soldier. Gone before I even got started...

On a good note....Great way to get even with her! She will be receiving untouched DK yarn and will have to start from scratch! That'll get her!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Making Music

Or at this point...NOISE! But take a peak at what my "new" hand-me-down.

Hubby's cousin decided she wanted it out of her house! She told us the piano was almost 100 years old but as I was looking inside for dates and such, the oldest date I can find is a dated signature from the mid 1940's....So I am not sure if that is the signature of the artisan or of a tuner. So it is at least 60 years old...but maybe more. We still need to have it tuned which we won't be able to do until October but that unfortunately hasn't stopped the kids from "making music." It does need a little work. The finish needs a little attention and it is missing the knobs to close up the keyboard. Then bench was also missing, the one in the picture a free organ bench that needs cutting down to size and refinishing but it should work out.

I told you I have been knitting. This is a little cardigan I started for my nephew to be that we are expecting in November. The pattern and yarn are from Tess Yarns. The pattern is adorable and I love working with the yarn. It is so soft and being superwash wool sock yarn, it's washable! Which is a must for me with any baby knit. Babies are too messy for hand-wash only in my humble opinion....As far as that up until the age of adolescents are too messy for hand-wash only!

Monday, September 18, 2006

"Kitty and Knitty" Update

Thank you all for the well wishes for Ophelia. Life has been crazy between a sick cat, work and school starting the last few weeks, just breathing feels like it needs to be scheduled!
Ophelia is doing well and if she could she would thank you all for the comments and emails. She was actually a pretty miserable kitty for a while. She had to wear one of those vet collars for three weeks while her stitches were in. She HATED it!

The stitches and the collar have been gone for a few days now and she is a much happier girl! Her ear is now wrinkled and crooked...but it fits her personality better!

I haven't completed any knitting projects lately, although I have been working on them. I am just about half way through Clapotis. And I cast on for some Jaywalkers Socks in Trekking as well as a Baby Cardigan for my nephew we are expecting in November.

I did however complete a little crocheted bag. It took me just part of an afternoon and I made it from some left over Plymouth Encore I had in my stash.

I needed a little bag for my wireless mouse and memory stick. The pattern is from One Skein. I altered the pattern slightly to make it the appropriate size.
I make have to make a couple more in different sizes. I could use one for my make up....a tiny one for my MP3 player....I am sure I can come up with some other uses as well.