Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Socks a la Queen Kahuna

Ophelia is at the animal hospital for her ear surgery. I feel so sad for her. Poor thing is just miserable. The Vet said she should be able to come home tonight. Can you believe they asked if we wanted pain medication for her? I am amazed people would consider not relieving their pain to save a few dollars. We can not afford any part of this surgery but I am definately not going to allow her to continue in pain or be in pain after the surgery is completed. I am just shocked! Anyways I can't wait until my baby kitty comes home tonight. I should be hearing this afternoon from the vet.

Now onto knitting news....

I finally finished them! It only took me forever because it was pretty much only worked on when I was out of the house since most of my home knitting time was reserved for the afghan. But they are done! And I am really pleased with them. They are probably my best fitting socks I have made yet! And the yarn is super yummy (misty alpaca!) They feel absolutely fabulous to wear. (Of course it is still in the 80's everyday here so it will be a while until I am wearing them.)
I just cast on some trekking yarn (from an abandoned sock project started last Christmas...Baby got to it...Long story.) And am almost to the point of starting the gusset increase. I modified the Jaywalking pattern so it could be knit toe up using this technique. I will let you know how it is going.!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Unhappy Kitty

My poor baby kitty has a boo boo ear. Yesterday I noticed Ophelia was unusually quiet and clingy. Then as she was sitting on my lap I noticed her right ear was floppy. When I looked it was hugely swollen and feverish. We took her to the vet and it turns out she has a hematoma which requires surgery to treat. Poor Baby Kitty. She is just miserable. We take her Tuesday and she will be able to come home Wednesday. I just feel so sad for her.

Secret Pal 8 comes to a close.

I got my final Secret Pal gift and it was as fabulous as all my other packages. I am really lucky! Take a peek at all I got!

If you remember my Hint Gift from my last Secret Pal package it was two skeins of sock yarn.....I guessed socks and I was right. My Pal, Cath sent me a great sock package. She sent a skein of Lion Brand magic stripes for the kids. What makes this fun is that the first pair of socks I made were out of this yarn in this same colorway. And I still wear them! So the kids and I will have matching socks! She also sent 2 skeins of Sock Landscapes from Knit Picks. And a ball of Fleece Artist Merino Sock yarn is such a pretty soft colorway. I am excited about all the socks I can make now!!! She also included two pretty stitch markers that would be perfect for sock knitting and a handmade sock bag for sock knitting on the go. The sock pattern is great. I now need to decide which yarn to use for it! And then as an extra she sent the new glampyre pattern!!! I LOVE this pattern.
Oh...and check this out. That cute sock bag is reversible! VERY cool!

Cath, you have been absolutely the best secret pal! I am so glad we were paired. I feel like the best gift I have received through secret pal, is meeting my new friend! (I know. My husband tells me I am sappy.)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Stitches Weekend!

Stitches Midwest was this weekend and this was my first time attending. Saturday the Illinois member of Knitting Help (Andrea,Kelly, Hilde, Julie and I) and Angelia and Marce even flew in from out of state!) all met up at Stitches. Walking through the booths was overwhelming. It was complete sensory overload! So much Yarn! I did manage to narrow down my choices some.

I bought two skeins of Super Sock and Baby from Tess's Designer Yarns. One I plan on using for socks for me! And the other for a baby cardigan for my nephew who is arriving in November. I found some beautiful roving at Angora Cottage. I just can't wait to spin that up! I bought a skein of Regia sock yarn (can't remember where but they were running an awesome end of show special Sunday when I went back with my mom!) And I also bought a ball of cashmere lace and another of the softest cotton from Habu Textiles. These yarns were amazing! They had so many unique textures. I probably could have spent my whole budget there and then some! Their yarns are beautiful! I also picked up a few patterens and and a book Knitting Nell. The author was there and signed a copy for Madison. (Shhhhh....She will be getting the book, a skein of yarn and some chunky needles with it for Christmas!)
My Mom and I went back Sunday and she had a great time. She crochets and said she could never learn to knit...Well after an hour learn to knit class...she is now a knitter!
Saturday was also a Bridal Shower for my Sister in Law's Sister who is getting married next month. My mother and I made her an afghan. This is a never ending project as those of you who have finsihed an afghan know. Anyways the blanket ended up a big hit. Here is a picture of the finished blanket and matching pillows waiting on my sofa to be folded and wrapped.

About half the squares were crocheted by my mom and I knit the other half. I wasn't sure how it would turn out with the blanket being a mix of crochet and knit, but I think it turned out beautiful. I am quite proud of it. (I won't be doing any other afghans any time soon though.)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Yarn Mail

I got ymail! Two packages!! Lookie what I got! The first one is my Traveling Women's Swap from Knit the Classics. My secret "traveler" was Christine. Check out the goodies. Christine sent the book "Education Alice" by Alice Steinback. I can't wait to curl up with this one! She also sent two skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca! Something elses wonderful to "curl up with!" Chocolate was included in the package however at the time of this photographing it was returning to its solid form in the fridge! The package was delivered on a 100 degree day! My husband and I enjoyed it later that evening...Yumm! Thank you, Christine! They were awesome choices!

This next package is from Kim, my Stitch Marker Exchange Partner. What a fun package to receive...Firstly I was amazed by how fast Kim was in getting this out! I am so sorry, Kim, that I have not been as speedy! It will be coming soon though.

This package is great! Thank you so much, Kim! I received two packages of spinning fiber. Both are llama and they are so soft! I couldn't wait to get my fingers into them! She sent my two sets of stitch markers in a cute little red pouch!

Sorry the pictures are so fuzzy. But trust me they are really cute. I love the little green face.
And isn't this brown set so pretty! The little charm says "believe." And take a look at this sock keychain...
The socks can be swaped out. Aren't they cute?
More thanks to both of you! You ladies are awesome!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sock Wars

I joined! Did you? Sock wars is a sock exchange with a twist. You must knit a pair of socks and get them mailed out to your "target" before you're "assasin" sends you socks to you. Once you're socks arrive, you are out of the game. Not sure how well I'll do but hey even if I am first "killed," I will still get a pair of socks!