Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Rabbit Salad

I love to garden. I love to watch a garden grow and see the colors of the flowers. Our last house had such a nice garden. I would sit outside and read and just be near my garden. Then we moved. Our new house is sitting on what use to be a farmers field just a few years ago. I guess this field has been home to a large and very hungry community of rabbits. Every thing I plant they eat.

First it was my hosta...It has been chomped to the ground.

I decided to add these pretty plants (Can't for the life of me tell you what they are.) And for a while they seemed safe. Not too bad....

And then this morning I find that the one furthest from the front door has fallen victim to my bunny friends.

Now my lilies are also losing the battle of the bunnies. My 3 yo found this poor chewed lily on the ground by my back door...(brave little vermin) and brought me the "pretty."

I am about ready to dig it all out and admit defeat...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm in love!

I know everyone has been saying so much about how soft and how fabulous Malabrigo is...but I avoided it. After all if it is really as good as everyone says it must cost a fortune. So when I saw it at my LYS and it was only $11 a skein (not cheap but definately not expensive either), I thought "Well, they must be exaggerating. How great can it be?" Still I picked up 3 skeins thinking I might make a felted bag or something. The skeins felt pretty soft and I liked the what they heck. My Malabrigo sat for a couple weeks just looking pretty in my basket. Last night I decided I wanted to make Clapotis. I have been planning on making this since I first saw it but wantd a soft yarn to do it in. So I cast on...

It is like knitting with a cloud! Of course you already know this and are nodding your head thinking, "Finally, she gets it!" I looked over at my husband and swore I may never knit with another yarn again. He looked at me as if he might have to have me committed. I've decided that I simply must have some type of cardigan or shrug made with this. I actually can't imagine how I have survived this long without one.

My Green Gables

I have a very good reason why I haven't been posting. I have been busy knitting! I cast on for Green Gables Monday night as a bit of stress reducing knitting. (See my previous post!) And I was done Saturday afternoon! I wore it to church Sunday! Thanks SP! It was a great project!

Forgive the funny angle. My 7 yo took the picture. It's the first one he took without having his fingers in the way or cutting off heads!

Monday, June 19, 2006

In one piece!

That is about all I can say about today is that we survived it! All while on a routine trip to Trader Joe's, my 7 yo decided to jump up on the side of a full cart of groceries. This tipped over the cart pinning him underneath it and dumping the 3yo out of the cart, hitting his head on the wall on the way down. An ambulance was called and the kids got a ride to the hospital. We were pretty worried that the 7 yo may have broken his leg (he didn't, thank God.) And the baby's bump on the noggin wasn't serious. We are just thankful to be home, and in one piece.

Trader Joe's has been wonderful...Even offered to deliver the groceries that I had in my cart (we live 45 minutes away!)

We are now "de-stressing" with pizza, videos and a quiet night of knitting for mom.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Surprises in the mail!!!!!

My secret pal must be a mind reader. I have no doubt she is! Check out this amazing package I just got in the mail.

She sent me 8 balls....yes 8 of Patons Encore in the prettiest softest green. And the pattern for Green Gables! I have been eyeing this pattern and trying to be strong! (I'm tellin' you...a mind reader!) I have to tell you, S.P., you are not only the best SP a knitter could have...but my DH is thrilled with you as well...(after all, we all know I would not have been able to hold off for too long!)
Now you would think this was enough but NO! She also sent 8 balls of Knit Picks Crayon. Now my DS is also loving you because I had made his sister the heart hoodie from knit picks. Ever since the pattern arrived and he learned there was a car motif he has been begging me to make him a hoodie too! How did you know?
However I am now wishing I had mind reading abilities because look what else she sent! A Do-Not-Open-'til-July Hint Gift! Torture! I will be strong though. I will not fall to temptation!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

An Afternoon of Alpacas

A couple weekends ago my husband, kids and I met up with Julie and her daugher as well as Kelly from the KnittingHelp Forums and her neice to visit an alpaca farm by her house. Julie had the lucky timing to find this little farm just minutes after the birth of a new baby alpaca. Susan, the owner, was very welcoming and agreed to allow us to bring our children for a visit. I can believe how beautiful these animal are. They have the friendlies faces and make the sweetest little humming sound. Most of them had been recently shorn. You could still see the lines the shears had made.
See that adorable little brown girl. She was the new baby born just a week before our visit. She is so pretty.
Look at her. Isn't she cute? And mama was so attentive. She was always right by baby. But even she was friendly. I would have imagined her taking baby off away from us but she stayed up close.
The kids just loved them. (Well until the found the hammock in the back yard...) Since I have never spun alpaca, I had to ask Susan what she does with the fleece. She had boxes of their freshly shorn fleeces she was kind enough to show me. She is having them sent out the be prepared and is planning on holding a fiber workshop at her house in a month or so! I can't wait!
**Kelly, if these pictures look familiar, its because you took them. I kinda borrowed them.......Isn't Kelly a great photographer?**

Monday, June 12, 2006

Kool-Aid and Kids.

Remember my first handspun hanks that I posted about a little while back? Well I decided to try and use kool-aid to dye them. I used two shades of pink and a lime green (I think pink lemonade and lime but I can't remember the third.) Here are the hanks in their bath after microwaving them.

My favorite helpers (minus one who thought video games were a better way to occupy his time...Silly Boy!) They had a great time and want more yarn to dye up.

Please pay no attention to the mess in the sink...

I have them wound up into balls but haven't taken a picture yet...Will give you something to anticipate. (I'm sure you are all on the end of your seats now!) The yarn is pretty scratchy and would not be a good choice for a garment so I am thinking of using it for a felted bag to be given as a gift to the young lady who babysits for us. I'll take more pictures as I get a bit of it knitted up.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Queen Kahuna Socks

Here is my lates work in progress... pair of socks using Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes & Heels technique for knitting two socks at the same time on two circular needles. I have to say I am loving this technique. I have been suffering from second sock syndrome recently. By the time I get around to the second sock I have already forgotten some of the details from the first sock, so the best I can hope for is that the second sock comes close to the first. So far this technique seems like a winner.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Coffee Heaven

Remember I promised to tell you about the coffee we received from Boca Java.

Just look at all that! When I opened up the box it smelled so heavenly! I don't know who was more excited about husband or me! As a matter of fact, notice in the picture one of the packages is already opened? My dear husband showed all the restraint of a 5 year old and ripped into Pajama Passion before I was even able to arrange the picture!
Anyways, I don't think I have ever really 'fessed up to my lazy side. Well, lazy might be a bit harsh. But rarely do I brew coffee at home. I like to get my coffee from the baristas at some of the better coffee houses around town. It's just easier. You don't need to grind the bean, or clean up the grinder or the pot....just enjoy. And usually it is a better pot of coffee. Well, let me tell you that is all achangin' at our house! This coffee is that good! Ya know how some coffees have the bitter after taste to it? (one I have actually grown to like but my hubby can't stand.) Not this one. I just brewed up our last pot of Pajama Passion! I am about to leave for my women's Friday morning bible study and I am wondering if the hostess would be offended if I brought my own coffee....